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One Legacy and Kaiser

What Are Tissues?

Tissues for donation include corneas, skin, heart valves, bone, ligaments, veins, and arteries, and they are generally donated/taken from individuals who have experienced cardiac death or brain death.

Donors may not have:  HIV; Hepatitis; have been a Intravenous (IV) drug user; have active infections such as sepsis or certain cancers. However, most cancer patients may donate eyes and corneas.  They may not if the disease has spread throughout their body.  They may not donate if a cancer has been found in their bone marrow.

Robyn Libitsky had been found to have cancer in her bone marrow and the disease had spread throughout her body.

Robyn Libitsky had made it very clear in her advance directive that under no circumstances could anyone obtain any part of her body.  The following link, second document clearly shows that Dr. Attarchi attempted to coerce Mrs. Levy into violating her daughter’s wishes and to take part in transferring a deadly disease into another persons body.  That is what he did.  He in writing, in medical records, attempted to get Robyn’s corneas to use in another patient.

See:  https://robynlibitsky.kaiserpapers.org/335-2/

California Health and Safety Code 7154(b) prohibits the attending physician, etc., from participating in organ donations.

However, the Kaiser physician did just that and no government agency in California cares.  

Kaiser doctor Shabab Attarchi, the attending physician didn’t seem to care that in violation of the law he was trying to get Robyn Libitsky’s corneas.  He also didn’t care that because Robyn’s bone marrow was involved the corneas were considered unsafe for transplanting into another person.  
See the correspondence at:  https://robynlibitsky.kaiserpapers.org/one-legacy-and-kaiser/

DMHC and The California Medical Board just didn’t care about Kaiser endangering lives.  They refused to even consider addressing the issue.

Kaiser had every excuse in the book to try to worm out of being responsible for what they were caught doing.  The physician in question transferred to another facility.  So Kaiser tried to ignore the issue.  Their response is as follows:

July 26, 2007 Kaiser Permanente letter regarding harvesting cancerous tissue for transplant.

On September 7, 2007 Kaiser again wrote a letter to Mrs. Levy attempting yet again to distract from the issue of endangering patient lives and attempt to pass off the matter because the doctor transferred to another facility.  Here is the second letter that Kaiser sent out to the Levy family.

Kaiser Permanente letter of September 7, 2007 to Mrs. Levy apologizing for their Dr. Attarchi violated law in an attempt to coerce approval for removal of organs for transplant illegally.

The following is the response that Mrs. Levy received from One Legacy, the corporation responsible for transplant issues at Kaiser Permanente, Woodland Hills, California.  It is eye opening.  Kaiser’s conduct is a disgrace to the entire transplant system throughout this country.  Their flagrant disregard for patient safety and lack of responsibility for their employees conduct is “nothing to write home about.”

Response from One Legacy to Mrs. Levy apologizing for Dr. Attarchi’s and Kaiser Woodland Hills behavior.