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Death sparks Simi mother’s mission

Originally posted at: https://www.venturacountystar.com/vcs/sv/article/0,1375,VCS_239_4017608,00.html Death sparks Simi mother’s mission By Adam Foxman, afoxman@VenturaCountyStar.com August 20, 2005 Following her daughter’s death from cancer earlier this year, a Simi Valley woman has launched a campaign seeking more accountability for healthcare providers. Hillarie Levy, whose daughter Robyn Libitsky died in February at age 29, has contacted state legislators […]

High Cost of the Best Healthcare

Sunday, October 30, 2005 Business Section Letters by Dr. Golden Pan in response to LA Times article – How Many Doctors Should Be Blamed. This is a well written response with a very clear explanation as to why Kaiser or any other lower end HMO in general would deny an accurate diagnosis for back pain. […]

National Legal News

Mother wants to change the law to require HMOs to report all negligent doctors to the state.

Simi Valley Acorn – October 6, 2006

Local Woman Won’t Give Up Her Fight Against Medical Malpractice October 6, 2006 – Simi Valley Acorn with Hillarie Levy

LA Times Editorial

Letter to the Editor Published in The Los Angeles Times – Saturday, March 22, 2008 The state medical board’s financial support is entirely through physician license renewal.  Only when legislators change funding or strengthen and enforce regulaton will the board’s priority of protecting physicians change to enduring patient safety. Hillarie Levy – Simi Valley

Money Magazine

On Your Side Holding Doctors Responsible Hillarie Levy, Simi Valley, Calif. By Kate Ashford December 19, 2006 11:04 PM ESThttps://money.cnn.com/magazines/moneymag/moneymag_archive/2007/01/01/8397390/index.htm

State Faults Kaiser Doctors

The Medical Board of California, reversing an earlier position, has decided to publicly censure all six Kaiser Permanente doctors involved in the death of a Woodland Hills woman whose case has sparked a debate about state oversight of California’s largest HMO. The debate began with the case of Robyn Libitsky, who won a $1-million arbitration award against Kaiser before she died this year at 29 of Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare fast-growing cancer. Libitsky’s attorney had argued that Kaiser doctors repeatedly failed to diagnose her case in the early stages, when it might have been effectively treated. Kaiser lawyers said that there was no proof she had the cancer when she first sought help and that all six doctors who saw her acted appropriately.

Simi Valley woman wants daughter’s doctors publicy named for misdiagnoses

The medical board uses a higher standard, she said, than what’s used in civil matters when determining whether a doctor acted improperly and should be disciplined. By law the board must weigh whether the evidence is “clear and convincing to a reasonable certainty.” Civil matters only need a “preponderance” of the evidence, meaning a 51 percent certainty. The higher standard carries an 80 to 90 percent certainty, Cohen said. Levy remains undeterred in her mission to see that the public knows about all of the doctors who misdiagnosed her daughter. She’s contacted about a dozen others who say Kaiser physicians misdiagnosed their loved ones too. Two of those contacted, Sheree Levy (no relation to Hillarie) and Tracie Breiter, both of Simi Valley, appeared with Levy on KEYT-TV last month to tell their stories.

How Many Doctors Should Be Blamed?

Originally Posted at: https://articles.latimes.com/2005/oct/23/business/fi-newkaiser23also archived at: https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-2005-oct-23-fi-newkaiser23-story.html Photographs by Stephen Osman How Many Doctors Should Be Blamed? “People aren’t getting the whole story on their HMOs or their doctors from the state of California.” – Hillarie Levy, whose daughter died after her cancer was misdiagnosed. Grieving Crusader:  Hillarie Levy in front of a photo of […]

Letter of Apology to Hillary Levy from B. Casey Yim of Murchison and Cumming, LLP

October 31, 2005 Los Angeles Attorney – B. Casey Yim of the law firm Murchison and Cumming, LLP apologizes to Hillary Levy and explains that the Los Angeles Times reporter has misquoted him.  This evening I received a fax from Hillarie Levy, the subject of a Los Angeles Times article which was printed on  October […]