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Is Kaiser Working Under the Radar?

The Kaiser Permanente response to Hillarie Levy regarding the flagrant violation of law in having a Permanente physician attempt to coerce  a surviving family member to over ride an advance directive to obtain transplant material to make money off of yet another patient without disclosing the full truth.  The tissue that Kaiser tried to obtain to implant into another was diseased.  Is Kaiser and the for profit Permanente working “Under the Radar”?  The truth be know, tissue can and does transfer disease.  Also Kaiser cost cutting does make it seem likely that this is an intentional action on the part of Kaiser and the Permanente.  Is it systemic?  I would think that the state of California would want to find out.

It is considered rare to transfer cancer through the corneas but it does happen.  It is not acceptable for use by tissue banks when the disease has spread throughout the body, but not acceptable behavior has never stopped Kaiser before.  That is fact.  

Here is a recent study {(April 2006)(Experimental Survival of Metatastic Cancer Cells in Corneal Organ Culture)} showing that while the transferance is rare it does happen and is not acceptable under these circumstances:
and at:
Wikipedia also has a nice piece written on this topic for the general public’s viewing.  Kaiser does not appear to have yet altered it to their favor as they have on other Wikipedia articles:
…..the price; synthetic corneas usually cost about $7,000, while processing fees for donor corneas run about $2,800.

Again from Wikipedia – the price of a cornea at:

Corneas are the most common transplant in the United States.

From Dr. Suda of the Permanente Medical Group.

First Kaiser letter ignoring the danger of cornea transplants from persons that had cancer spread throughout their body.
Kaiser letter ignoring danger of their corporate practice of going under the radar with tissue for transplants.

The following letter from the California Medical Board clearly shows that they don’t know what they are talking about when they write letters such as this.  First they are greatly mistaken regarding the advance directive.  There was one and no more and that one was not recent as Kaiser had conveyed to the medical board.  

Page 1 of medical board of California inaccurately stating fact and denying knowledge of Kaiser going under the radar with tissue transplants, etc.
Page 2 of medical board of California inaccurately stating fact and denying knowledge of Kaiser going under the radar with tissue transplants, etc.


Letter from One Legacy


Advance Medical Directive and Medical Record