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Robyn Libitsky

RE: update
"Todd, Karmen (HHS/OCR)" <Karmen.Todd@HHS.GOV>
Thu, 8 Oct 2009 14:29:51 -0400

Ms. Levy,

Thank for your email. I will it to the casefile.

Karmen Todd

(202) 260-0290

From: Hillarie......
Sent: Thursday, October 08, 2009 12:58 PM
To: Todd, Karmen (HHS/OCR)
Subject: update

Dear Ms. Todd,

In regards to the list of people donating blood to Robyn Libitsky from 1/04 to 1/05, many other LA County employees as well as my husband Keith Levy and additional people from our Temple, donated non 0+ blood with the promise from Kaiser "the unit would be credited for Robyn."  Unfortunately, Kaiser mislead us, by using the blood for others and refusing to credit Robyn with units of blood.   Keith and others later donated platelets to Robyn.

After reading today's LA Times article, "After loss, a push to change rules," Where a couple seek to make insurers liable for coverage denials when their daughter died after CIGNA denied a liver transplant answers why Robyn was denied a stem cell transplant by Kaiser, requested by the City of Hope.  Could ERISA also allow Kaiser to deny blood transfusions to cancer patients?  Although this denial will not kill them immediately, the resulting delays in treatment and keeping patients weaker, makes chemo less effective, allowing for a slow death of these expensive patients.

Hillarie Levy

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