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Robyn Libitsky
Once upon a time a beautiful young lady worked in the office of Mr. Zev Yaroslavsky who is a member of the County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors.  In fact when this young lady got married she asked if Mr.Yaroslavsky would do the honors and he consented.
Robyn Libitsky wedding conducted by Zev Yaroslavsky Roby and her then husband after the ceremony.
Susan Bersoff-Matcha Susan Bersoff-Matcha - Photograph - after the ceremony
During the ceremony.
For a while all was well and then one day Robyn developed a backache that would  not go away and she went to her health care provider, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan who contracts for actual medical care with The Permanente Medical Group and because of a special affiliation with the county of Los Angeles is offered free or for a very low cost to the employees.  They operate as one single unit, sharing both funds and information but are designated by the IRS as two separate entities.  A for profit and a not for profit entity operating as a single unit passing themselves off on the public with advertising they refer to themselves as - Kaiser Permanente, a name not recognized as an actual business by the IRS.

The following is what transpired and it isn't pretty.

The Pleas for Medical assistance. The Actual Arbitration Report from DMHC on this arbitration The attorney that handled the case and final papers - close to $1,000,000 awarded to Robyn About Robyn Response to lack of enforcement of California Law from Dr. Harvey Frey As told by Station KEYT-Santa Barbara on September 23, 2005

On August 25, 2005 The Levy Family received in the mail the following letter from DMHC.  Previously DMHC found that Kaiser had done nothing incorrect. I have always been under the impression, as have most people in this state that the job of DMHC was to protect the patient by enforcing the laws under which they are legally obligated to operate.  Instead, 6 months after the death of their daughter DMHC writes rudely and cruely the following to the Levy's.  This sure is the Wild West, where semantics are openly played and enforcement of health related regulations is next to nil.  At this point I am wondering what exactly it is that DMHC does do.  Rude public servants should be examined closely and trained as to how to conduct themselves when dealing with the public.

From DMHC August 2005 regarding Robyn and telling her family to not contact them again because they aren't going to answer any letters or calls.
On August 31, 2005 - Dr. Harvey Frey who is a well known physician and attorney wrote Hillarie Levy the following.
Letter from Dr. Harvey Frey regarding the CA Medical board.
The following is a brief on the deplorable medical care that Robyn received while treated by Kaiser Permanente.
page 1 letter to Nadia.
page 2 letter to Nadia.
page 3 letter to Nadia.
An Arbitration - was filed against Kaiser and all the doctors.  Kaiser and The Permanente lost because they were just plain wrong. Actual graphically revealing report provided to DMHC on this arbitration can be read at:
It can also be read on the DMHC web site at:

The attorney contact information for this matter is: Dan Hodes
He is located at 450 Newport Center Drive, Second Floor, Newport Beach, California 92660 - Telephone - 949-640-8222 or fax - 949-640-8294  Continuing information below.

settlement against kaiser and permanente
Robyn Suzanne Libitsky died and there is much more....
Robyn's obituary
Laura Chick thought highly of Robyn.  She wrote the following:
A note from Laura Chick to the Levy Family.
Robyn and Laura Chick
California State Senator Sheila Kuehl also wrote and presented to the family on behalf of the California State Senate::
Senator Sheila Kuehl wrote about Robyn.
California State Senate adjournment on in memory of Robyn.
The Calabasas, California City Council also thought highly of Robyn as evidenced by the following:
City Council of Calabasa document in memory of Robyn.
There is also a letter from the City Council of Calabasas.
Letter from City of Calabasas regarding Robyn.
The City Council of Los Angeles, California also sent documents and adjourned for Robyn.
City of Los Angeles Memoriam for Robyn Libitsky.
The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors also adjourned early on Robyn's Behalf:
County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors Memorian for Robyn Libitsky
The Woodland Hills Chamber of Commerce also adjourned in memory of Robyn
Woodland Hills Chamber of Commerce adjourned in memory of Robyn.

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