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Letters from DMHC
(California Department of Managed Health Care)
to the public

Customer Service is something that DMHC still needs to learn about.  Insulting the patient population of California is not the way to win friends and influence people.  

Ignoring citizens complaints regarding insurance medical programs poor quality medical care and bad business practices is the way to win kudos and influence with corporate interests.  The later is what the DMHC appears to be doing.  Unfortunately, the taxpayers are paying for this agency to conduct themselves in such a mannner.  It isn't the call center, the intake people, nor the majority of the employees that are offensive.  It is a serious problem with some in the management sector.

This section is for the public to see some of the blanket statements put out by the DMHC. Sometimes DMHC management rewords the letters that all appear to state that the medical corporation that really is at fault can do no wrong.  Sometimes DMHC just doesn't even make that little effort.

For the folks at DMHC, an apology is really a nice touch but if it isn't sincere and no positive changes are made you are sending mixed messages to the citizens of this state.  Eventually attorneys are going to start holding DMHC and maybe individual staff members  responsible for ignoring pleas for help from the public.  

Here is some recent coorespondence between one citizen and the management of DMHC:

2005 coorespondence

June 8, 2006 - August 1, 2006

June 22,2006
Fax to DMHC regarding the cruel and inappropriate reponse from DMHC on quality of care patient issues involving Kaiser.

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