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On February 5, 2005 Hillarie Levy filed a complaint against Dr. Shahab Attarchi, California Medical License #A83690 because she would not allow her daughter, Robyn to be discharged against her Oncologist's orders.  Dr. Shahab Attarchi's response was to become belligerent in the hospital room and in front of Robyn and loudly called her "Stupid."  At this point Hillarie was very concerned for her daughter's well being and felt that Dr. Attarchi was not looking out for Robyn's best interests and was hastening her death.

On October 3, 2002, Robyn Libitsky put in writing that she would not allow her organs to be donated.  She did not wish her organs used in another person.  The document below very clearly states that no one can over ride her decision.  You can view it directly below.
Advance Health Care Directive signed by Robyn Libitsky
Robyn signed a document stating no organ transplants
In violation of Health and Safety Code 7154 (b), after Dr. Attarchi determined the time of death proceeded in the first process of organ donation by requesting her corneas.  This was in direct violation of One Legacy (formerly SCOPC) the organ procurement agency who has the task to determine viability or organs as well as approaching the family for organ donation.  Dr. Attarchi over stepped the rules.

Kaiser physician Shahab Attarchi, California Medical License #A83690,  refused to comply with the legal document Robyn had signed.  What he did do, knowing full well that Robyn had died with cancer which had spread throughout her body and did know very specifically that it had spread through her bone marrow was try to get Hillarie, Robyn's mother, to illegally allow her corneas removed for another patient to use.  Such an action could have spread the disease to another person.  

Yet this physician did not care.  The medical record showing the doctors request is directly below.  

Robyn Libitsky's medical record where Dr. Shahab Attarchi attempted to obtain her corneas.

Probate code section 4730-4736 clearly states:  All medical personnel must comply with the patient's legal documentation in their chart.  Why bother obtaining this legal documentation if it is routinely ignored?


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