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Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

About Robyn's Boss Zev Yaroslavsky

About Robyn's Boss' employee Susan Nissman
that took Robyn's Estate in a highly questionable

From the L.A. County Board of Supervisors

"This scheme was primarily conducted in Supervisor Zaroslavsky's office. where mail and faxes were sent to and from his office.........
" Beginning on page 88 of the document.  See: Board Meeting Transcript.doc

Mrs. Levy later had retaliatory action publicly made against her by someone in The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors because she was singled out and banned from speaking in this public meeting for a period of three months.  Other members of the public were not banned and were allowed to continually participate.  Mrs. Levy took this issue to the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office - Bureau of Fraud and Corruption Prosecutions Public Integrity Division. The attached letter states that this action was not made in the spirit of the Brown Act and the ordinance has since been modified although the Board of Supervisiors have yet to make the correction to their web site. 
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