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Robyn Libitsky

Robyn Suzanne Libitsky
March 31, 1975 - February 15, 2005

Hillarie Levy - Robyn Libitsky's Mom

Contact Hillarie and tell her your story about Kaiser at:

Robyn Libitsky was a Kaiser Patient.  The Kaiser system and The Permanente Physicians let her down and delayed diagnosis even though she and her family begged Kaiser Permanente physicians for help.  They denied her treatment until it was much too late to save her life.  They were cruel in how they notified the family of her passing which resulted frommedically negligent conduct.  Suji Gelerman Therapist specializing in cancer patients Susan Nissman Robyn's boss and Harvey Glaser Probate Attorney appear to have taken advantage of the entire situation and further  manipulated the system for their personal gain.

On January 9, 2007, Hillarie spoke before the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors during the public comment time period explaining how one of Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky's employees, along with her friend manipulated Robyn and took over her Estate. 



View how the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor's treated Hillarie when she went to
them to help the city of Los Angeles avoid further
embarrassment by Yez Yaroslavky's employee. 

They just do not care. Watch it to the end.  She is trying to help them and their response is
walk off on her and return only when her speech is over with.

Roby and her then husband stand with her employer Zev Yaroslavsky

Kaiser and The Permanente Physicians
were found at fault in a court of law and
by The California Medical Board.

Kaiser and The Permanente also tried to
cover up what they did and tried to get the
California Medical Board to not report
the physicians conduct to the public as
must according to law.

This is Robyn's Story and how her family
is working to make 
sure no other patients
or their family's have to suffer as Robyn did.